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Hayabusa SBD Taper Body Kit for ’08 on engines

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Instruction Sheets: TP-BUSA-T50K-TWIN SBD Twin Taper Throttle Body Set-up Instructions


Hayabusa SBD Taper Body Kit for 2008 onwards engines


We are pleased to announce a new design of Suzuki Hayabusa TP50 twin throttle bodies, we have used the design of the TP50 single which worked exceptionally well but due to the port spacing of the 2008 onwards engine had to be redesigned into pairs. With improvements with machining technique we have been able to produce the same tapered shape in the twins, this has allowed us to reduce the manufacturing costs making them a more affordable unit with all the benefits of the singles.
They incorporate the same butterfly & injector positioning as was developed for the TP50 singles, which improves fuel atomisation giving the potential for more horsepower. We carried out further tests with these throttle bodies & found that as with the singles, the design was so good that an extra set of injectors was not necessary.
This kit comprises of throttle bodies which are of a tapered design they have a 52mm entry tapering down to a 50mm butterfly then continuing to the optimal size to match to the cylinder head, connecting levers, fuel rail, throttle cable mounting bracket & fixings. The casting is optimised to give the lightest casting possible.
The air horns either AH52-19TS or AH52-69TS are sold as separately to the throttle bodies as the length required is dependant on your engine specification.
We have sold a large quantity of our tapered throttle bodies for use on engines ranging from standard 1300cc to race tuned 1400cc, 1500cc & 1600cc. With it’s improved design over the standard throttle body, customers have seen between 5-20bhp gains over the original set-up. Customers have also reported that the power doesn’t drop off as early and the engine carries on revving for at least another 500rpm.
TP-BUSA-T50K-TWIN on SBD Hayabusa display engine

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