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Duratec 2.0L TP290bhp Kit

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Instruction Sheets: 2L Duratec TP-DURA-2-0L-K3/K4 Taper Throttle Kit Instructions
Instruction Sheets: TP-DURA-2.0L-K3 & TP-DURA-2.0L-K4 Dimensions


Duratec 2.0L TP290bhp Kit


The TP290 kit was developed over several years, it gives a very high output with a good strong smooth torque curve. It is now one of our most popular kits being used in rallying, racing & sprinting. We have designed it to be a relatively simple kit to build. We have tried not to use too many exotic components which means the maintenance cost of this engine spec is very low, if fact one of our development engines which we had originally used for sprinting & then had been put into a customers Escort & is used on the road, for sprints & several 2-day stage rallys was stripped for inspection after 4 years & was still found to be in perfect condition.

The headwork included uses a larger valve size of 36mm inlet & 31mm exhaust with standard valve guides.

IOur high specification taper throttle bodies include throttle linkage kit and air horns.

The kit itself also contains the necessary components to achieve this horsepower, along with a dry sump system and a few extra safety features as standard e.g. up-rated flywheel bolts, main cap studs, head studs & up-rated bearings.

The MBE9A4 ECU comes already programmed & ready to use. If you are upgrading from our lower specification kits, it is simple to reprogram your current MBE9A# ECU. However for this level of specification we would recommend a mapping session to fine-tune the engine. The kit includes a coil on plug wiring harness.

Exhaust Manifolds 
All our kits have been developed using exhaust manifold designs that have been dyno tested and developed by ourselves. In order to achieve the optimum performance from your kit, you will need to have an exhaust manifold made to our design. which when you purchase a kit we will provide information to allow you to have a manifold made to gain the ultimate performance from our kits.

Download the pdfs, which show the installation instructions and the TP-DURA-2.0L-K3 Dimensions.

When setting up the throttle body kit, it is recommended you use a synchrometer as shown in the instruction sheets, they are available from us, part number CRB-SYNCRO.

2.0L Duratec TP290bhp kit graph
TP-KIT-FD-DUR2.0L-290 graph

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