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Hayabusa Gen 2 Taper Throttle/ECU/Wiring Kit

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MRP With VAT:£3,408.00

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Instruction Sheets: TP-BUSA-T50K-TWIN SBD Twin Taper Throttle Body Set-up Instructions
Instruction Sheets: LM9A4-ENG-GSXR-01 Fitting Instructions


Hayabusa Gen 2 1300/1400cc SBD Taper Throttle/ECU/Wiring Harness Kit


SBD have designed a complete throttle body, ECU and wiring harness kit for the Gen 2 Hayabusa 1300cc – 1400cc engine. We have a range of maps which will be provided as a base map ready to be optimised on the rolling road to achieve the optimum performance from your engine.

The throttle bodies were developed on the dyno to produce the best peak torque and horsepower, their special tapered shape and injector positioning were designed to achieve the best result.  This kit has the shorter air horns, which are ideal for use with standard stroke of 65mm, which means the engine will rev higher.

The wiring harnesses have been specially designed to be as neat as possible.

The ECU & wiring harness will allow the option of adding of a large range of accessories; MBE9MD display, powershift, etc. Please confirm your full requirements when ordering.

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