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1.4/1.6L VX Mechanical Camshaft Pair 278/269 for D/less Engines

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Instruction Sheets: SBD Cam Timing and Lift Sheet
Instruction Sheets: Vauxhall Cam Timing Instructions
Instruction Sheets: Camshaft Running in Procedure


1.4L/1.6L VX Camshaft Pair, Mechanical Profiles for Distributorless Engines


The SBD278 and SBD269 camshaft pair have been designed to give the widest possible power band & although the duration appears to be shorter than the hydraulic profiles, they have a bigger opening area from 1mm lift onwards. Power band 2500 – 8500 RPM. Ideal choice for rally/race.

CM16V16-M278-11.78 – 1.4L/1.6L 16V Inlet cam
11.78mm lift, 278 deg duration, TDC lift at No4 cylinder: 3.46mm
CM16V16-M269-11.42 – 1.4L/1.6L 16V Short exhaust cam
11.42mm lift, 269 deg duration, TDC lift at No4 cylinder: 2.59mm

We recommend the following additional valve train components:
Piston Recommendation: SBD/Omega pistons with compression ratio of 12.3:1 (98RON fuel)
Cam follower type: CMFL-2S
Valve cap & platform type: VLC-5K & VLP-2K
Valve spring type: VLS-05K
Vernier Pulleys: CMVP-5

Please note that these camshafts are ground to order and will take approximately 5 working days, please ensure you have ordered the correct components as they are non-returnable. 

All SBD camshafts have been designed in conjunction with Kent Cams and extensively tested on the dynamometer.

*Power gains can only be achieved provided your engine has the components to complement it. E.g. exhaust manifold & system, induction system & cylinder head porting where required. If you look at our upgrade kits they will give you more help.

Please see the instruction sheets for information regarding the camshafts, their installation & running in.

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