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2.0L XE Hydraulic Camshaft Pair for Turbo D/Less Engines

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Instruction Sheets: SBD Cam Timing and Lift Sheet
Instruction Sheets: 2L XE Camshaft Fitting Instructions
Instruction Sheets: Vauxhall Cam Timing Instructions
Instruction Sheets: Camshaft Running in Procedure


2.0L XE Hydraulic Camshaft Pair for Turbo Distributorless Engines


The HT01 Hydraulic turbo cams for the 2.0L LET engine are a nice upgrade from the standard cams they have the potential with right Turbo and correct ancillaries to produce bet tween 300 to 350BHP.* It is possible to use standard valve spring and cap assembly, but with higher boost pressures we would uprated Caps and platforms with double valve springs

CM16V2-HT01IN 2.0L 16V XE Inlet Turbo camshaft:
10.13mm lift, 260 deg duration, TDC lift at No4 cylinder: 0.78mm
CM16V2-HT01EXS 2.0L 16V XE Short Exhaust Turbo camshaft:
10.13mm lift, 260 deg duration, TDC lift at No4 cylinder: 1.20mm

We recommend the following additional valve train components:
Piston Recommendation: Standard LET Pistons
Cam follower type: CMFL-2S
Valve cap & platform type: VLC-6K-S* & VLP-9K*
Valve spring type: VLS-05K
Vernier Pulleys depending on the age of your engine: CMVP-1 or CMVP-4

Please note that these camshafts are ground to order and will take approximately 5 working days, please ensure you have ordered the correct components as they are non-returnable. Camshafts for distributor driven engines are available, please contact us for more details.

All SBD camshafts have been designed in conjunction with Kent Cams and extensively tested on the dynamometer. Because of the costs involved in developing and testing, we charge a premium price for all our own cam profiles. If however, you wish to purchase Kent Cam profiles from their normal range of cams standard listings, these will be available at normal Kent Cams prices.

*Power gains can only be achieved provided your engine has the components to complement it. E.g. exhaust manifold & system, induction system & cylinder head porting where required. If you look at our upgrade kits they will give you more help.

Please see instruction sheets for information regarding the camshafts, their installation & running in.

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