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2.0L XE Pre93 SBD Cam Belt Idler Reinforcement Kit

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Instruction Sheets: 2-0L XE 16V Torque Settings


2.0L XE Pre93 SBD Cam Belt Idler Reinforcement Kit


This is an idler support kit for the pre-93 2.0L XE cam belt.  The design has been created to overcome a potential problem that occasionally occurs.  If a shock loading is applied to the cam belt either under competition, track day or fast road use usually generated by rapid downshifts, this additional force can occasionally provide excess loads causing the bolts to shear and an idler to fall off.  Everything moves at different speeds and catastrophic failure occurs as valves contact pistons.

The original idler manufactured by INA has been discontinued so we have designed a completely new bearing, which we have based on the design we use for the later engines. It is dimensionally the same externally, but because the inner bearing is offset differently and also has a different ID, we have designed a new reinforcement kit to take the bearings. It is now supplied as a complete kit including bearings. The idler support bracket kit triangulates the loads and significantly improves the strength in this area by putting the bolt into double shear supporting each idler across three posts.

You cannot convert your original reinforcement kit, there are too many changes to make it viable.

Please note that this kit cannot be used with cam belt covers.

Please the torque setting link for the XE engine at the top of the page.

CMB-T10-MNT-01K on our display engine

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