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SBD 2.0L XE Competition Crank Sensor Kit


SBD have developed a replacement crank sensor for the 2.0L XE engine, since the original GM/Bosch crank sensor has now been discontinued and the majority of the pattern versions are of a lower grade and do not perform properly for motorsport use.

It simply bolts in place of the original sensor, the lead is 400mm. It has a 3-way mini-timer male connector, which is identical to the original connector, so will simply plug in and is ready to use. We have used an inductive (VR) sensor and manufactured a housing especially to mount it on to the block in the original position without any modifications. Shown below on an XE engine block.

We do stock a 3-way crank sensor extension lead, length 700mm LM-CRK-EX, if you need to increase the length.  Can be used with our heavy duty internal 58 tooth trigger wheel:TW-58-INT1.

CRK-SEN-VX2-K on XE engine block

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