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2.0L XE SBD/Cometic 5 Layer Head Gasket 88.00mm

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Instruction Sheets: BLT-H1-STUD-KIT 2-0L XE ARP


2.0L XE SBD/Cometic 5 Layer Head Gasket 88.00mm


SBD have designed a new 2.0L XE head gasket, which has been produced by Cometic especially for us. The original overall thickness of 1.27mm (0.050") has been maintained in order to allow it to be used as a direct replacement for the original item. The gasket is now made with much thinner layers of 0.25mm (0.010") per layer and the minimum gasket thickness is 5 layers giving a thickness of 1.27mm. The reason we have changed to multiple thin layers is that each embossed layer works as a spring and layers of 0.25mm (0.010") are the thinnest layers we would consider to be strong enough to cope with combustion forces and temperatures.  The advantage with this design is that, the more layers you add effectively the bigger the spring becomes and is able to cope better with increased pressure within the engine, particularly on high compression engines or turbo engines.
Additional cooling modifications between each cylinder are now fully embossed so can be used if required. The gasket’s accuracy has also been significantly improved over previous versions. 
There are thicker versions available with extra layers, however it can only be increased at 2 layers at a time (0.52mm) meaning a 7 layer gasket is 1.82mm see GSK-VX2-C88-00-04.
In order to carry out cooling modifications to your block and head, SBD have produced a drill jig for use with the SBD Cometic gasket GSK-VX2-COOL-JIG-01.
GSK-VX2-C88-00-01 5 layer 2.0L XE head gasket

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