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1.6L 16v XE Heavy Duty Clutch Cover – Pot Type


1.6L 16v XE Heavy duty clutch cover, 200mm for flat type flywheel.
Weighs approx 2.9kg.

For use with flywheel FLY-W-VX1-6XE-002.

The heavy duty clutch covers are designed for applications where the engine/vehicle performance has been increased above standard.

All Helix racing clutches are manufactured from new components of the highest standards using the best materials available, they are designed to give a higher clamp load to cope with higher torque together with an increase engine rpm.

These units can usually be fitted as a direct replacement for the standard unit without modification to the flywheel and retained the standard clutch release mechanism.

Helix have advised us that 'For a clutch to cope with extra torque you need a heavy duty cover as well as a sprung paddle plate. Using a sprung paddle plate with a standard cover only provides about 15% increase in capacity. Horsepower does not come into the equation – only torque determines the clutch.'

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