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2.3L XE CNC C/Head Port Work up to 320bhp

MRP Without VAT:£3,822.72

MRP With VAT:£4,587.26

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Instruction Sheets: Coscast Cylinder Head Information


2.3L XE CNC Cylinder Head Port Work up to 320bhp


2.3L VX XE CNC port work, stainless steel valves sizes 35mm/31mm with new seats & bronze guides*, potential up to 320bhp & beyond.

This cylinder head specification has been designed for larger capacity, long stroke versions of the XE engine, the combustion chamber has been re-machined to increase its volume and the valve seats are also fitted deeper into the head. This allows the engine to be built with the correct compression ratio.

Prices are based on cylinder heads being supplied by customer, these must of a good serviceable condition.

The maximum performance figures shown are based on using our components; we cannot confirm what your gains would be with non-SBD components.

2.0L XE cylinder headwork

2.0L XE Cylinder headwork2.0L XE Cylinder headwork

2.0L XE cylinder headwork

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