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2.0L XE/LN Steel Oil Pump Inner Gear

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2.0L XE/LN Steel Oil Pump Inner Gear


2.0L XE/LN Steel oil pump inner gear replaces the standard sintered metal gear.

The reason for replacement of the standard gear is that particles from within the engine pass through the oil pump pick up system, this cannot be prevented. The particles become compressed between the inner and outer pump gears causing the sintered standard gear to fail causing catastrophic engine failure. The new steel inner pump gear, which has a much higher strength is able to continue working way beyond the point that the standard gear would fail at, passing the particles through the oil pump and on into the oil filter. The standard outer pump gear is made of steel so doesn’t suffer from the same issue.**

The nylon relief valve kit part no: OS-NV-1-K is also recommended because these particles can jam the standard steel relief valve when they become wedged between the relief valve and the oil pump body. The nylon relief valve allows the particles to embed into the nylon relief valve, which means that the relief valve can still function without jamming.

Note: These components are only suitable for genuine GM pumps, all pattern versions are of poor quality and they will not fit.

**If your standard outer pump gear is worn or damaged, it is not available as a separate item and it is likely that the rest of the pump is severely worn as well, so you will need to replace the complete pump with our upgraded pump, which has all these components already fitted. Part no: OS-OP-VX2.0-HD-K01.

OS-OPG1 & OS-SPG1 on 2.0L XE oil pump

SBD only recommend using dry sump systems for motorsport, competition and track use. We suggest wet sumps are only used for road use and only in applications where you are forced by regulations to run a wet sump. Please note that Works teams spend many thousands of hours and vast sums of money developing special wet sumps to give them the safest possible engine and it involves extensive testing in the real situations, where many engines can be lost before a sump design works successfully and they will still not be as good as a dry sump.

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