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Duratec 2.4L SBD/Omega Slipper Piston Set

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Instruction Sheets: 2.4L Duratec Piston Ring Gap and Bore Preparation
Instruction Sheets: SBD 2.4L Duratec Piston Compression Ratio Chart


Duratec 2.4L SBD/Omega Slipper Piston Set 89.00mm


We have been ask for some time about the larger capacity Ford Duratec engines, the 2.3L was discontinued and replaced by the 2.5L engine. SBD looked at the 2.5L in detail and decided that the bore size was a nice improvement, but the stoke was too long for a serious competition engine. Since we wanted to achieved the best all around performance from the larger capacity engine it was decided to use the stroke of the 2.3L version and design a new Slipper piston to give optimal performance with the correct compression for a large capacity 4 cylinder. We took many of the components from our top spec 2.0L Duratec and developed the 2.4L version to 327BHP.

Our 2.4L Duratec piston and rod package is designed around the 2.5L base engine with 89.00mm bore as standard, and a “tall” block, but using a 94mm stroke crank (2.3L stroke).
An 18mm gudgeon pin is used. The piston complete with rings, pin and circlips weighs 340g.

When the piston is used with a standard height block and a cylinder head with standard chamber volume (@42cc), the compression ratio would be circa 11.70:1, we typically run with a machined head @40.5cc to give 12.0:1 compression ratio. This is the sweet spot for this engine, above this tends to compromise how much ignition advance can be used (when running pump fuel).

2.4L Duratec 89.00mm Slipper Piston Estimated Compression Ratio Chart
Note – All volumes must be checked on every engine build, we cannot be held responsible for errors – Information is for guidance only
SBD 2.4L Duratec Piston Compression Ratio Chart

For use with our 2.4L Duratec con-rods ROD-FD-2.4DUR-158S-01.

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