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SBD Duratec 2.4L Long Con-rod Set

MRP Without VAT:£1,003.83

MRP With VAT:£1,204.60

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Instruction Sheets: RB3-L19 and RB3-L19-1-5 Rod Bolt Instructions


Duratec 2.4L Long Con-rod Set


To allow the use of the new Slipper piston for our 2.4L version, we designed a new con-rod, this is only available with the high spec RB3-L19 bolts to cope with the high loads of high RPM and the forces exerted by the long engine stroke.

Weighs approx 500g.

For use with our 2.4L slipper pistons PIST-OM-DUR-89.00SLS.

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