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Dip Stick/Tube Kit for Duratec Caterham Wet Sump

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Dip Stick & Tube Kit for Duratec Caterham Wet Sump Kit


Dip stick and tube kit to be used with our Duratec Caterham wet sump kit SMP-5K-DURA-CAT.

Special order only, price to be confirmed when ordering.

SBD only recommend using dry sump systems for motorsport, competition and track use. We suggest wet sumps are only used for road use and only in applications where you are forced by regulations to run a wet sump. Please note that Works teams spend many thousands of hours and vast sums of money developing special wet sumps to give them the safest possible engine and it involves extensive testing in the real situations, where many engines can be lost before a sump design works successfully and they will still not be as good as a dry sump.

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