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1.6L EcoBoost F3 Starter Motor & Flywheel Assembly £POA

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1.6L EcoBoost F3 Starter Motor & Flywheel Assembly


SBD have designed an ultra-small flywheel with F3 type installation in mind, the diameter of the flywheel is 210mm. This means that future installations can be fitted as low as possible in racing cars. It will accept a 5.5″ race clutch and the specification of the clutch will be dependent on your torque output. Clutch NOT included in this kit.

A matching starter motor has also been developed to fit on a standard 1.6L EcoBoost block. The starter motor is mounted onto the engine block using the original mounting bolts but with a clever gear design arrangement, we have been able to pick up directly on to the flywheel teeth. This application can also be used in many other installations of the 1.6L EcoBoost where a fast responding engine is required, ideally for use in racing, sprinting and hillclimbing.

The assembly is ultra-lightweight with the flywheel itself weighing 2.27kg approx & the starter motor weighing 3.37kg approx.

We will be using this new flywheel and starter assembly along with a triple plate 5.5″ clutch to cope with the torque on the SBD Westfield. With this new ultra-lightweight design, the increased engine response will further speed up gear changes due to its reduced inertia which allows the engine to not only accelerate faster, but decelerate quicker as well allowing for faster up-shifts.

This item is special order only, price and availability will be confirmed upon enquiry.

Shown below on our 1.6L EcoBoost engine with 5.5″ triple plate clutch (clutch not included in this kit)

STR-ECO-F3-01K with triple plate 5.5 clutch

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