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SBD Duratec Thermostat Housing Blank & Seal

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Instruction Sheets: Duratec cooling system with electric water pump


SBD Duratec Thermostat Housing Blank & Seal


The blanking plate shown replaces the original thermostat housing, it is a neat & tidy option. It includes an o-ring to seal the engine and bolts. When using the blank, we currently modify the standard water pump to make a new lightweight entry into the engine. This is used for a side entry installation, please see WT-DURA-WTP-HS-01K to complete the installation as shown in the picture.

Thermostat & Electric Water Pump Options

When using an electric water pump, you have 2 choices on entry into the engine either from the front or the side of the engine, depending on your installation.

THERM-DURA3 & WT-DURA-WTP-HS-01 on display engine

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