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Vauxhall 1.6L/1.4L Race/Rally 50Amp Alternator Kit

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Instruction Sheets: ALT-VX1.6L-01K Fitting Instructions


Vauxhall 1.6L/1.4L Race/Rally 50Amp Alternator Kit


This alternator kit includes a WOSP 50amp alternator, mounting brackets, and belt. It does not include the multi-vee pulley PLY-MV2 on the crankshaft.
Our WOSP 50amp alternator has been especially built to our specifications with mounting designed to suit Vauxhall 1.6L & 1.4L engines fitted with our taper throttle kits. Not suitable for carburettors.
It comes fitted with a 4-vee pulley.
All our alternators are self-exciting and this keeps them simple to install and reduces the possibilities of faults with broken wires, since when they detect rotation, they will then switch on and off based on the battery voltage, so they only need the positive terminal that would be fitted to an ordinary alternator, but no other wires are used. It only requires a power lead to the battery.
Advantages of self-exciting alternator:
1. With no extra wires required it simplifies your wiring and less chance of issues relating to broken wires
2. The regulator produces a higher voltage output, which is ideal for use with Lithium and lead acid batteries.
3. If you wish to run an ignition light, you would need to add the Low Voltage Indicator, Part No. ALT-WOSP-LVS-01
ALT-WOSP-050-01 Alternator dimensions

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