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Unsupported Serial ECU Software EASIMAP 5

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Unsupported Serial ECU Software EASIMAP 5

Easimap 5 software was designed for use for now obsolete serial based ECUs, the last of which were officially produced in 2003. If you are working with these ECUs, you will need to find a suitable laptop, that has a 32bit operating system and probably no later than Windows 7.

This software is offered free of charge and now longer supported. Please remember due to the age of these ECUs, that if they fail or have failed already, they are not repairable. This should be carefully considered before spending time and money on them, you should consider replacing it with a current model ECU.

To download Easimap 5 PC Software, simply click on this link.

Mapping Lead for MBE Serial based ECUs: MBE-MAP-LEAD

There are various information sheets for the older serial based ECUs within our instruction sheet section.

If you have a newer CAN based ECU you will need Easimap 6.

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