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2.0L XE Gasket Set for Dry Sump inc SBD Stem Seal (No Head Gasket)

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2.0L XE Race Engine Gasket Set for Dry Sump including SBD Stem Seals (No Head Gasket)


SBD have now created their own engine gasket kits for the 2.0L XE engine. Since the majority of our customers now run very high performance engines, they are produced with either high quality OE parts or gaskets that SBD had specially manufactured.

The head gasket is not included due to the variation of types and specifications of head gasket that may be required. Please see head gasket options shown at the bottom of the page.

They include:
Stem seals – to suit SBD smaller O/D size valve guides VLV-SS-VAUX-01K. *Please note that if you are using original GM size valve guides then you will need to have gasket set GSK-VX2-ENG-02K.
Large port Cometic inlet manifold gasket (as used on our SBD taper throttle body kits)
Exhaust manifold gasket
Cam seals
Cam cover gasket
Front crank seal
Rear crank seal
Oil pump gasket – metal
Dipstick gasket – metal 
Thermostat housing seal (housing to head)
Thermostat seal (thermostat to housing)
Water pump seal (O-ring)
Distributor seal/blank seal (O-ring)
Oil pick pipe O-ring (not used in most applications)

Sump gaskets are not included in this kit, because all our current dry sump systems do not require sump gaskets. If your engine requires sump gaskets (some require one, some may require two) please see GSK5 and add this to your enquiry.

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