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SBD Programs & Mapping

All our ECUs come ready programmed with either a suitable map from one of our range of kits or a good start-up map.

Map included free of charge with a new ECU supplied by SBD, the map will be built as close as possible to suit your engine based on the information supplied by you, which can then be optimised on the dyno or rolling road.
Same as above but for SBD customers upgrading to new engine specifications.
Programs for non-SBD engine specifications.
Custom program for MBE9A9 ECUs.
Custom Program Build and Update for MBE9A6 ECUs

Due to the age of some ECUs, Eprom type are no longer reprogrammable.

SBD mapping of engines can be done at a rolling road or dynamometer of your choice. Alternatively the car could be mapped either at a race track or, if the car is road legal, mapped on the road. Due to the large number of engines we have programmed, we have a massive amount to data relating to our main range of engines. This allows us to program on the road with our closed loop lambda control.

Engine Mapping Options:

1. If budget is no objective, we would always suggest that to get absolute peak performance, engines should be programmed under controlled conditions, initially on a dynomometer, then fine-tuned on an accurate rolling road, finishing off with in-car mapping on the road or at a race track for the ultimate refinement.
2. Depending on your budget our next recommendation is to program the engine on a rolling road first, then finish with some road mapping.
3. Alternatively if you are in a hurry to get things finished, due to the fact we have an extensive map history (please check that we hold a base map suitable for your engine type) for all the engine specs we have developed, we can build a good base map that can be used to map your engine on the road, if your car is road legal.

However please contact us for more details regarding which is your best option.

SBD mapping of engine per day. This is only the cost of an engine programmer on a daily rate, it does not include travelling cost or expenses.
SBD mapping of engine per hour (this is as above but for an hourly rate if you think the mapping or reprogramming can be carried out in a shorter time) This is not usually the case though, problems & delay nearly always happen & almost certainly beyond anyone’s control.
SBD Remote mapping of engine per hour using TeamViewer. This YouTube Video shows Steve remotely mapping Tom Gaval’s Caterham CSR, 2.3L Duratec in Pennsylviana, USA.
SBD remote log-in using TeamViewer for 10 mins only, usually suggested for either training or fault finding. If you require a longer period of time, please see MAPPING2-VIEW. If you are unsure as to how long you require, please contact us for advice.
SBD Remote log-in using TeamViewer for up to 30 minutes.
SBD mapping of engine per day outside the UK, it does not include travelling cost or expenses and travelling to & from the airport.

When purchasing second hand ECUs, please note the following; 
If the ECU is still a current issue i.e. advertised on our web site, it can be reprogrammed, costs from £95 per unit.
If the ECU is an older model, it is recommended that the ECU be only used for the type of engine it is already programmed for. If you require an older model reprogrammed, costs are from £140 per unit dependant on the age of the ECU. It can cost more for the unit to be reprogrammed than the purchase of new ECU. In addition, if the unit breaks, all serial based ECU are irreparable. The last versions of the serial based ECU were officially produced in 2003, so you can see that they are very old in electronic terms.

Testing/Repair of ECUs 
If your ECU requires testing and/or repairing, the ECU must be sent to us with full details of the fault.
Testing costs from £90 + VAT and if repairable, we can only advise you of the cost after it has been tested.

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