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SBD Remote Mapping/Technical Support up to 1 Hour

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SBD Remote Mapping/Technical Support up to 1 Hour

SBD Remote mapping of engine per hour using TeamViewer and/or one to one technical support for engine diagnostic enquiries.

We have begun to offer a technical support service to consumers who have got engines with our components on, but who didn’t buy them directly from us. We can arrange a slot on the phone with one of our technicians to discuss your installation questions. We may be able to provide help on non-SBD components, but this cannot be guaranteed.

This YouTube Video shows Steve remotely mapping Tom Gaval’s Caterham CSR, 2.3L Duratec in Pennsylvania, USA.

You will need to email a screen shot of your TeamViewer ID and password, produced when you open TeamViewer. Please note your ID will always remain the same, but your password will change every time you open and close TeamViewer, so when you open the TeamViewer session to do the screen shot, do not close it again. If you do have to close for any reason, you will need to send a new screen shot. Our engineer will then log in and you will see them take control. Please can you open Notepad, our engineer will type some notes on the screen, then adjustments can be made if required. Please have some simple tools to hand. The engineer will probably require you to call him to carry out other procedures and provide any training required.

SBD mapping of engines can be done at a rolling road or dynamometer of your choice. Alternatively the car could be mapped either at a race track or, if the car is road legal, mapped on the road. Due to the large number of engines we have programmed, we have a massive amount to data relating to our main range of engines. This allows us to program on the road with our closed loop lambda control.

Engine Mapping Options:

1. If budget is no objective, we would always suggest that to get absolute peak performance, engines should be programmed under controlled conditions, initially on a dynamometer, then fine-tuned on an accurate rolling road, finishing off with in-car mapping on the road or at a race track for the ultimate refinement.

2. Depending on your budget our next recommendation is to program the engine on a rolling road first, then finish with some road mapping.

3. Alternatively if you are in a hurry to get things finished, due to the fact we have an extensive map history (please check that we hold a base map suitable for your engine type) for all the engine specs we have developed, we can build a good base map that can be used to map your engine on the road, if your car is road legal.

However please contact us for more details regarding which is your best option.

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