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Basic CAN Mapping Kit for MBE CAN based ECUs

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Basic CAN Mapping Kit for MBE CAN based ECUs (MBE985)


Mapping kit for MBE CAN ECUs, translates the information from your high-speed USB port to the CAN data required by the ECU. This hardware can be used as a simple diagnostic tool to analyse the ECU (even on locked MBE ECUs, even if you are unable to access the ECU to make modifications or changes, it is an ideal diagnostic tool when used with Easimap 6 software), update software, transfer whole ECU chip files, modify & edit maps. Live Map can be used on MBE9A Series ECUs onwards.

Please see related products for link to Easimap 6 Software.

The CAN mapping kits come with an OBD2 connector, if your car/ECU wiring harness is equipped with an OBD2 connector, it will plug directly into it. On SBD’s own supplied harnesses, these are normally equipped with a flat 4-way Superseal connector because these are more suitable for motorsport use and allow other pieces of equipment such as displays to be easily connected. You will require an adaptor MBE-MAP-KIT-3-CAN-ADP3.

There is also an adaptor made to connect to Radical harnesses, please see MBE-MAP-KIT-3-CAN-ADP2.

If your harness is not equipped with either of these options, we can provide a new OBD2 port that you can add in to your harness LM9A4-OBD-COMMS.

The connector shown below is an OBD2 connector, this is a standard connector used by all production cars since about 2006. It normally sited within the drivers compartment for diagnostics. It is also used by some companies using the MBE systems such as Cosworth, Caterham & a few others. If your car has one of these, you do not require our adapter, however it is not ideal for motorsport use or use within the engine bay, so on our own harnesses we use the MBE-MAP-KIT-3-CAN-ADP3.
OBD2 Connector

Please note that all Cosworth & Caterham MBE ECUs are locked during manufacture, which means they cannot be modified in any way. You can only use the CAN mapping kit & Easimap 6 software for Real Time Viewing as an aid to diagnosing faults with sensors & replacement or setting up of throttle pots.

Why use separate USB to CAN interfaces
We produce a separate USB to CAN interface (985 & 973); there are many reasons for doing this. The most important is that USB is quite fragile & susceptible to external interference particularly when used in the electronically noisy environment of vehicles. It is very easy to damage, if not destroy the USB & Motherboard of your computer. MBE use stand-alone units that convert USB into CAN, thereby giving as much protection as possible. CAN was specifically created for the motor industry to be rugged & stable within this electronically harsh environment. If we were mount the CAN within our ECUs, this puts the USB closer to potential interference, which could disrupt communication between your Easimap software & your MBE ECU.

USB Cables
It is recommended that you do not use a USB lead longer than 1 metre to help minimise external noise into the USB cable.
We advise you not to manufacture any of your own USB leads; if you were to wire it incorrectly you will definitely destroy your USB & probably your motherboard.

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