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Hayabusa Gen1 1300-1600cc ECU & Wiring Harness

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MRP With VAT:£1,477.80

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Instruction Sheets: LM9A4-ENG-GSXR-01 Fitting Instructions
Instruction Sheets: Hayabusa 24-1 Trigger Wheel Set-up
Instruction Sheets: Hayabusa 24-2 Trigger Wheel Set-up


Hayabusa Gen1 1300-1600cc ECU & Wiring Harness Kit


This kit replaces the standard ECU and wiring harness, it is perfect for use in race cars & kit cars for motorsport use. It removes the restriction of having to run the complete original wiring harness, which is very bulky and restrictive. The ECU will be programmed before despatch with a base map as close as possible to the customer’s engine specification, which can be anything from a standard engine to a fully tuned engine. The customer will need to provide the engine specification details.

The ECU and wiring harness (LM9A4-ENG-GSXR-01) kit will allow the option of adding of a large range of accessories; MBE9MD display, powershift, etc. Please confirm your full requirements when ordering.

If you are running standard injectors, the kit comes with LM-CONN-2P-M-K, which are male 2-pin connectors to plug into loom injector connectors, to allow an adapter loom to be made for standard or different injectors. This means that if you wish to upgrade to our throttle bodies in the future, it is simply a matter of unplugging the adaptor.

We include a heavy duty water temperature sensor WTS1 in this kit.

Trigger Wheels
If you are running a 1999 model engine, these are equipped with an 8 tooth trigger wheel/generator. This needs to be replaced by either the 24-1 version that was fitted to the 2003-2007 engine or the 24-2 version that was fitted to 2008 onwards engine (you have to replace the rest of the generator assembly when fitting a 2008 onwards).

Generator Rotor
If your engine is a pre 2002 you will need to have the generator rotor modified.

994 in stock