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2.0L XE Multivee Pulley + 58 Tooth Trigger Wheel


2.0L XE 16V Multivee alternator pulley & 58 tooth wheel for use with small alternator.
The standard single groove style alternator belts have a tendency to be thrown off the engine when used in fast road, competition or track day use. We recommend the replacement of the single groove pulley with our multi-groove pulley (this can only be used on cars where the pulley only drives the alternator with this belt). The smaller crank drive pulley also reduces the speed of the alternator because of its reduced diameter; this has the added advantage of increased clearance when using a dry sump system. However for use with our dry sump system we would recommend the addition of a trigger wheel.
The diameter of the pulley is 105mm to the top of the V and the diameter of the trigger wheel is 125mm.

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