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Duratec 2.3L/2.5L 4-vee Pulley/Trigger Wheel 36-1

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Duratec 2.3/2.5L 164mm Diameter 4-vee Pulley/Trigger Wheel 36-1


This is a 164mm 36-1 trigger wheel with 4-vee (diameter 95mm). It is machined with a 3mm key at TDC, which we recommend to improve the safety by ensuring that everything remains aligned.

All our steel crankshafts are equipped with a 3mm key, but we can machine your standard crankshaft with the same key detail. We can also supply a new cam chain/oil pump drive gear, which is also keyed.

The standard damper pulley with built-in trigger wheel used on the Duratec range of engines is not suitable for motorsport use. We developed a range of pulleys for this engine to cope with the harsh environment. The standard pulley has a separate pressed on trigger wheel, this has a tendency to fracture and fall off. Also the diameter of the vee pulley that drives the alternator and water pump causes the alternator and water pump to be driven too quickly as the engines become tuned and rev higher. All our pulleys are equipped with a 95mm diameter vee pulley either in 6-vee, which is the standard width or 4-vee, which is reduces the weight further since only 4-vee is required for driving the water pump and alternator. There are 2 trigger wheel diameters 146mm as used on the 2.0L and most 2.3L engine, also 164mm trigger wheel which are used on the 2.5L engine and some of the 2.3L engines (you will need to measure and confirm, you cannot swap between the 2 trigger wheel sizes).

The 164mm diameter trigger wheel is used in conjunction with the standard Ford sensor CRK-SEN-8 and is an inductive type.

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