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Vauxhall 1.6L XE TP150bhp Kit

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Instruction Sheets: Vauxhall 1.4L & 1.6L SBD Taper Throttle Kit Instructions


Vauxhall 1.6L XE TP150bhp Kit


This basic taper throttle kit has been specifically designed for the XE & ECOTEC engine of 1.6L capacity of 16-valve design and begins to start unleashing the power of the 1.6L 16v. The standard engine is strangled at 109bhp; so once the kit has been installed, as you can see from the graph it will give a very smooth power application. The kit comes complete with an MBE ECU, which is already programmed with suitable software to allow your engine to be ready to run.

They are both smoother than the 2.0L throughout the entire rev range with comparative increase in bottom end torque as well as substantial increases in power at the top end.

We have run this kit in a closed cell Dynamometer with various different exhaust systems and manifolds, so whatever vehicle you put them into and whichever manifold you use, we are in a position to supply a programme that will run it.

The addition of the taper throttles to this management system, on this remarkable little engine is startling and produces a greater power increase than the same modification does for the 2.0L. We have achieved a genuine 164bhp* (standard engine is 109bhp) and still have not touched the engine. The engine is on song at very low revs, and has a torque curve which is virtually flat from side to side of the graph, whilst the power curve simply climbs at a very steady gradient.

*The results have been achieved using a Corsa GSI head, which has larger ports than later heads, if you are running any other cylinder head the results can vary. We have had reports of engines producing 10 to 20 bhp less. The more commonly used cylinder head now is the triangular port head as this has a better port shape and gives better throttle response than the GSI version. Please follow link for more information.

The wiring harnesses have been specially designed to be as neat as possible and are available in front or rear wheel drive layouts to cover as many applications as possible, when ordering your kit you should specify whether your car is front, rear or mid engine layout.

Exhaust Manifolds 
All our kits have been developed using exhaust manifold designs that have been dyno tested and developed by ourselves. In order to achieve the optimum performance from your kit, you will need to have an exhaust manifold made to our design. When you purchase the kit, this information will be included.

Please note that most of the kits do not include oil system upgrades, this is because it will depend on the type of car & the rules of the Championship you will be using it for, but it is recommended that a dry sump system is used if possible. Please read the section on oil systems & ring for more details if you need help.

When setting up the throttle body kit, it is recommended you use a synchrometer as shown in the instruction sheets, they are available from us, part number CRB-SYNCRO.

1.6L Vauxhall SBD Taper throttle kit graph

TP-KIT-VX1.6L 164bhp graph

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