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SBD Duratec Water Outlet Kit

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Instruction Sheets: WT-DURA-K4 Instructions
Instruction Sheets: Duratec Cooling System with electric water pump


SBD Duratec Water Outlet Kit

Suitable for 2.0L, 2.3L, 2.4L & 2.5L I4 engines


A Heat exchanger or Laminova (Oil/Water) has been our preference over a traditional air/oil cooler for many years now as it gives the following advantages;
1. Engine oil is heated when cold by the water system, meaning less wear on your engine during warm up.
2. Reduced length of oil lines as no longer need to run to the front of the car (to airflow).
3. Oil cannot be overcooled, it will match the coolant as a base line temperature.
4. Weight can be saved on the overall installation.

Most Duratec Escort installations until now are not designed to incorporate a heat exchanger, this is why SBD have carefully designed our latest water outlet around the Mk2 Escort, utilising the latest 3D CAD modelling techniques coupled with CNC machined we have produced a water manifold only 25mm deep, which brings the coolant out to the intake side of the engine allowing fitment of a heat exchanger on this side of the engine bay, keeping coolant hoses away from the exhaust side of the engine.

It is designed to be used with an electric water pump, hence no re-circulation pipe. The reason we recommend its use with electronic water pump only, is because the standard water pump and thermostat requires a recirculation pipe to take hot water from the back of the cylinder head into the back of the thermostat housing.  This water then recirculates around the engine keeping an even temperature, this water passing over the thermostat causes it to open at the appropriate temperature.  If this pipe is removed, then the thermostat cannot operate correctly causing erratic engine temperature changes as the thermostat then relies on radiated heat. Once it begins to open, then would then be a sudden rush which would instantly cause the thermostat to close again and the cycle begins again.

The manifold itself has provision for 1/8NPT gauge sender units, a bleed fitting and also a M12x1.5mm ECU coolant temperature sensor (not included in kit).

O-ring seals are used for ease of installation and reliability.

Includes 1 x brass push on bleed valve, 2 x blanking plugs and fitting kit.

WT-DURA-4K Dimension

WT-DURA-4K on SBD Duratec display engine

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