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CAN Y Interface for devices

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Instruction Sheets: LM-CAN-ADP-01 Information
Instruction Sheets: Setup Out Going MBE ECU CAN Data Stream


CAN Y Interface for devices


We have created this part specifically for customers using the MBE9A* range of ECUs to allow them to connect to non-MBE devices such as displays and loggers that have CAN capability. The Y lead allows you to connect into the 4-way SuperSeal connector that is fitted to all our off the shelf harnesses, this way you can still communicate using either of the MBE CAN mapping kits with the ECU but also allow you to connect CAN to your device. It also has Ground and Switched Ignition 12v that could be used to power your device. It comes with a 4-way sureseal connector and pins, that you will then have to wire into your device as per information described above.
Setting up CAN: Please note that you will need to set up your outgoing CAN from the MBE ECU and the incoming CAN to the device that you are connecting to. Please see Instruction Sheet shown above.
You will need to contact your logger/display supplier to get the information required on how you should set up your device. SBD cannot help you with this information as each manufacturer will have different procedures and requirements. SBD can provide technical support, normally done during a TeamViewer session but you must have all the information already set up in the receiving device and have this information available, so the data can be set up to match what is required from the MBE device.

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