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Ignition Only Kit for Vauxhall D/less Engines

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Instruction Sheets: MBE9A4i Ignition Only Wiring Instructions
Instruction Sheets: MBE9A4i ECU Pin out list


Ignition Only Kit for Vauxhall Distributorless Engines


This is an ignition only system for Vauxhall engines with a carburettor set up. This kit will let you run your Vauxhall engine without a distributor. This has two main advantages the first, most obvious, is if you are restricted on space e.g. a bulkhead on Escort, Manta or similar, where the distributor might foul you will be able to fit the coil pack to one side of the engine or away from it altogether. Secondly a distributor less system has no moving parts & no gaps for a spark to jump (except for plug gap) there is less chance of the system to breaking down. This kit is suitable for the 2.0L 16v XE & LN (Astra, Cavalier & Calibra), 1.4, 1.6 & 2.0L 16v ECOTEC engines.

The MBE ECU comes programmed & ready to run. If you wish to use one of our throttle potentiometers, you will need to add LM-TP-ADP-01 to your wiring harness.

*Please specify your engine type & specification including coil type upon ordering e.g. 2.0L 16v Astra, Standard engine with heavy-duty rod bolts fitted.

We can supply a variety of throttle potentiometers suitable for carburettors:
PT4: Weber 40/45 DCOE
PT5: Dellorto DHLA
PT6: Weber 48/48DCOE & SPs

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