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Clutch Release Arm


Clutch release arm

Clutch Release Mechanisms (Cable Type)
We have chosen the three components; CLT-RA2, CLT-FP2 & CLT-RB2 as the best combination of release arm, release bearing & fulcrum pin to suit our range of Vauxhall to Ford gearbox bellhousing. There are other similar components from the Ford range they vary in shape & don’t fit anywhere near as well, also Ford is continually updating its components so we have tried to keep up to date & currently this is the best combination. The release bearing listed has what we call a flat face so it can be used with a standard Vauxhall/Opel type clutch cover. The GM range of covers use rounded fingers so when the clutch mechanism is operated the curved finger roll over the flat bearing keeping the pressure at one point. If you plan to use a 7 ¼” type clutch these use the reverse with flat fingers & a round nose bearing the only problem with this is there are very few round nose bearings & none of them will fit straight onto the releases currently available. So your options are to buy one of the few round nose release bearings available & make or convert a special holder to mount it onto the release arm, the other problem is that the 7 ¼” clutches vary in height according to their type, they are generally not as deep as a normal cover so your carrier will need to be longer than usual as well. The other preferred option is to use one of our telescopic hydraulic clutch mechanisms which does not give the same problems.

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