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Bosch 4 pin Coil to suit Distributorless engines


We have now replaced our original COIL-4 with the new version that we have been testing. It is considerably lighter and more compact, the original coil weighs 1.05kg and the new coil weighs 0.4kg.
The COIL-4L does not have a built in amplifier, it either requires a external amplifier or an amplifier to be built in to the ECU. It has the same wiring so no changes required to fit it.
If you are using this on our coil mounting kit COIL-4-MNT-02K, the mounting is designed to suit a range of coils and you will need to modify the COIL-4L as per instructions in the pdf listed.
COIL-4L fitted to XE cylinder using our COIL-4-MNT-02K

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