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2.0L XE Pre93 Crank/Cambelt Drive Pulley Kit

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2.0L XE Pre93 Crank/Cambelt Drive Pulley Trigger Wheel Kit


We have re-designed the whole front pulley assembly because GM have stopped making the original drive cambelt gear (made from a sintered material). We have produced an ultralight weight cambelt drive gear and alternator drive pulley assembly. The new drive gear is machined from solid steel and therefore much stronger than the original and because we have been able to design the alternator pulley at the same time, the unit is far more compact. It also incorporates an additional keyway to allow it to be used with some steel cranks that have 2 keyways.
The 4-groove poly-vee type pulley helps to prevent thrown alternator belts & reduces the alternator speed, ideal for use in competition cars.
This version has our external 60-2 trigger wheel included, the diameter of the pulley is 105mm to the top of the V and the diameter of the trigger wheel is 125mm. It includes the pulley, drive gear & 2 keys. The total weight of the assembly is approximately 0.8kg.
If you require the assembly without the trigger wheel, please see CRK-PLY-1-SBD-01K.
Shown below on our 2.0L XE display engine
CRK-PLY-1-SBD-01K-TW on display engine

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