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2.0L Duratec Jenvey Throttle Body Kit

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2.0L Duratec Jenvey Throttle Body Kit


We now list the basic Jenvey throttle body kit, this is to allow the user who is on a tighter budget and may not wish to progress for more performance at a later date.

This kit will give identical performance to any of the direct to head throttle bodies but with the advantage of the separate throttle bodies and manifold, allowing for a wide choice of throttle linkage kits rather than the limited options you get with the direct to head. Obviously if you are looking for the ultimate performance either now or in the future, choose the SBD taper throttle bodies TP-DURA-2.0L-K4.

The kit includes the inlet manifold, throttle bodies, fuel rails, airhorns (normally 45mm x 40mm, but can be changed) and fitting kit.

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