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2.0L/2.3L SBD Duratec Taper Throttle Body Kit


Over the last few years, we have been developing a new throttle body system for the Duratec. Initially we started with the smaller size as used on the XE, we found this was good up to a point, but we felt that a larger size throttle body would help particularly due to the big port size. We tested various sizes of throttle body, eventually settling on a size that gave us the best horsepower & then developed the shape of the manifold to give the best torque characteristics.

We also incorporated what we had learnt from the Hayabusa development in that with careful positioning of the injector in relation to the butterfly, we have dramatically improved throttle response & mixture control to the point where we believe that the performance should virtually match that of an 8-injected system without the cost & installation complications. The two pre-production prototypes have been extensively tested by ourselves in a Mk2 Escort (both on the rolling road & competition use) and by Raceline on their latest development 2.3L engines for the Caterhams. They have currently seen over 305bhp on Mountune’s dyno & expect to see maybe another 10 bhp as their next dyno session by optimising the air horn length, where it is perfect for the 2.0L engine needs to be different for the 2.3L engine.

With our current development of the 2.0L engine & Raceline’s development of the 2.3L engine, we can see no reason why the engine, over the coming year, should edge closer to 315bhp.

All the components have been especially developed & are unique to this throttle system, therefore the system is only sold as a whole kit.

As you can see the injectors are mounted underneath the throttle body, the steep angle not only improves the mixture characteristics, but has been carefully worked out to allow for a simple flat air filter back plate.

As you can see the design has allow us to use a very short air horn to get the correct induction length (will vary for the 2.3L). This allows for a very short air filter, the minimum length would be AR-FS50-75 (this length is suitable for an Escort). The system has been developed to use the short peco size injector (not included in kits), the latest MBE ECUs have 16-bit fuel map technology, which allow ultrafine fuel control. Some older design ECUs may not be able to control such a larger injector as well. This injector has fantastic fan control allowing for, what we currently believe, is the best atomisation & fuel mix of any injector on the market.

The new throttle cable bracket (picture below), which is included in the kit is a neat simple design to compliment the cam design throttle mechanism, which allows for smooth & progressive operation of the throttle bodies. The throttle cable is not included in the kit, since each installation will be different.

The levers have also been designed to be easy to adjust even with the air filer back plate fitted.

We have incorporated o-ring grooves into the manifold, this allows for neat & simple installation and ease of removal & refitting. The port shape & size at the head face has designed to compliment our latest CNC headwork, we’ve also allowed sufficient material to allow for future development, but still keeping the casting very light.

Julian Godfrey tested our high specification Duratec throttle bodies & exhaust manifolds on the dyno with new tail pipe designs to develop his latest engine specification. He got the best results with our throttle bodies over all other well-known manufacturers & with extensive testing of our latest development exhaust manifold collectors achieved the best power & torque. We have now added this latest design to our Duratec exhaust manifolds.

The kit includes inlet manifold, throttle bodies, air horns, fuel rail and throttle cable bracket and will come assembled. Please see the instruction sheet above dimensions.

TP-DURA-2L-K3 on SBD Duratec display engine

TP-DURA-2L-K3 on SBD Duratec display engine

TP-DURA-2L-K3 throttle bracket

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