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Duratec 2.0/2.3L SBD/Omega Piston Set 88.00mm

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Instruction Sheets: 2.0L Duratec Piston Ring Gap and Bore Preparation
Instruction Sheets: SBD 2.0L Duratec Piston Compression Ratio Chart


Duratec 2.0L/2.3L SBD/Omega Piston Set 88.00mm with Rings


The 88.00mm version is designed for those who have a secondhand engine that shows some bore wear. We would normally recommend the engine is replaced if any substantial bore wear has occurred due to the thickness of the cast in liners & would only recommend the use of an overbored engine for either road use or engines of a mild state of tune. The pistons will come with the rings unfitted as the rings must be gapped when fitting. They come as a set of 4, but may also be available singly on request depending on stock levels.

The Omega pot type pistons are extremely high quality and SBD have used them since we first started. The piston crown has been developed over time to what we believe is the best pot type piston available, if fact in many up against other makes of piston, they regularly out perform even those types which are supposed to be a slipper type. If you have a reasonable budget which is not able to stretch to our high specification Omega slipper pistons, choosing our Omega Pot type piston is an essential way to gain performance and reliability at the right price.

2.0L Duratec 88.00mm Piston Estimated Compression Ratio Chart
Note – All volumes must be checked on every engine build, we cannot be held responsible for errors – Information is for guidance only
SBD 2.0L Duratec 88.00mm Pot Piston Compression Ratio Chart

You can change the compression ratio of your engine by skimming the cylinder head if you wish to increase the compression. On the pot type pistons, you can lower the compression by machining the intruder part of the piston down (pot type pistons can have their intruder machined down to the deck of the piston if required).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever any engine is assembled, the volumes should be carefully measured to ensure the desired compression ratio is obtained or there could be a lack of performance if the compression is too low or damage could occur if the compression is too high or mechanical contact takes place. If you do not have the equipment to carry out this work, it is recommended that you have this done by a professional.

995 in stock