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SBD/Omega 1.6L EcoBoost 79.00mm Forged Piston Set

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Instruction Sheets: PIST-OM-ECO1.6-79-00XS Instructions


SBD/Omega 1.6L EcoBoost 79.00mm Forged Piston Set


SBD have designed a forged piston for the 1.6L EcoBoost with Omega, we have retained the original compression ratio and the crown design of the original piston due to its good design.  The new piston is considerably stronger than the original and has a low friction coated skirt. The piston weighs 235g on its own and 327g including the gudgeon pin, rings and circlip as opposed to the standard Ford piston which weigh 347g.
Compression Height – standard
Pin Size – standard (21.00mm)
Pin Boss – designed for a parallel small end
Due to the new detail design of the small end, which allows improved strength and durability in all applications, the piston should only be used with our SBD conrod ROD-FD-ECO1.6-01S, which has been designed for use in conjunction with this piston.

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