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1.6L SBD/Saenz Ford EcoBoost Steel Rod Set

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Instruction Sheets: RB4K-1.260 Rod Bolt Instructions


1.6L SBD/Saenz Ford EcoBoost Steel Rod Set


SBD have designed a special rod for the 1.6L EcoBoost, after consultation with Omega pistons, who manufacture our pistons as to the best design, it was decided to change the small end feature to give a better strength to the rod and piston itself for all applications. You will need to purchase our forged pistons: PIST-OM-ECO1.6-79.00XS, which must be used in conjunction with the conrods. 
It was also decided to improve the big end bearing features and added a tabs location in to the conrod. We have sourced a Mahle Motorsport big end bearing BRG-ECO1.6-SP-01-R, which allows further improvement in location and retention within the conrod.
Our new conrod design is a significant upgrade in strength and design to the standard item. The rods come complete with 5/16” 625+ type bolts (RB4K-1.260).
Weight – 416g including bolts (standard rods 410g)
Length – standard
Pin Size – standard
Small End Type – parallel, for use with SBD Piston ONLY
Small End Bush – clearance set for 21.00mm pin
Big End Bearing Housing  tailored to suit Mahle Motorsport Big End Bearings with tab BRG-ECO1.6-SP-01-R

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