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EcoBoost 1.6L Thermostat Housing

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Instruction Sheets: EcoBoost Cooling System with electric water pump
Instruction Sheets: EcoBoost Cooling System with Mechanical Pump


EcoBoost 1.6L Thermostat Housing for Manual Thermostat


This thermostat housing is to replace the original housing and eliminate the electronic by-pass valve, which is not used and allows for a simpler installation. The new plastic version is also more compact.

When used with an electric water pump
The by-pass fitting will be capped. The way to seal the housing is to use a standard thermostat assembly which comes with a seal and then to cut the thermostat out of the centre. That way the seal is located correctly and the water can then flow through the remainder of the housing. You can either cut the legs that hold the thermostat in place or carefully grind where the legs are spot welded or peened through the main body, so only the housing remains. The hole size in the centre does create any restriction so does not require any further modification.

When using a mechanical water pump
You will require a thermostat to go with housing, please see THERM-ECO1.6-STAT-01.

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