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Hayabusa Wiring Harness, use with MBE9A4 ECU


For use on ’99 – ’07 engine using both standard & SBD throttle bodies and ’08 onwards engine when using SBD throttle bodies with the MBE9A4 ECU.

We have made improvements to our specially designed Hayabusa harness, we have now built the injectors into the main harness itself instead of having a separate sub-harness. This means that if you are using our throttle bodies, they will simply plug straight into the new harness design. This has helped to reduce the cost when buying both parts. If you intend on fixing it to a completely standard ’99 to ’07 engine, you have a few options; we can supply male mini-timer connectors which you can then connect to your original injector connectors to allow you plug in to the injectors. This means that if you update your system to either higher flow injectors or our throttle bodies you can simply unplug the adaptors and the harness will plug straight in.

The fuel pump supply has now been moved into the interface the same as all our other harnesses.

If you wish to use the standard 8-injector throttle bodies on your ’08 on Hayabusa engine, please see our 8-injector harness LM9A8-GSXR-M-OMS.

Please see the instruction sheets shown at the top of the page for further information.

Trigger Wheels/Generator Rotor
If you are running a 1999 model engine, these are equipped with an 8 tooth trigger wheel/generator. This needs to be replaced by either the 24-1 version that was fitted to the 2003-2007 engine or the 24-2 version that was fitted to 2008 onwards engine (you have to replace the rest of the generator assembly when fitting a 2008 onwards).

The relays have been designed to use a standard type relay available from any motor factor, in the picture shown you will see that they have individual terminals. These are used to prevent issues that could occur with vibration when relay bases were used. Each individual connector is self locking & the sleeve has to be pulled back on each wire to release it from the relay, this makes perfect vibration proof connection. Each wire is colour coded & you will receive a simple diagram with the harness to show the colours.

Cam Sensor – Not supplied with the harness.
We have also changed the cam sensor connector so it will fit directly to the 2008 hall effect sensor on the later engines. With the latest MBE9A4 software, it is now capable of running both the inductive and hall effect sensors and even without the sensor at all. (You could also update to the GT1 hall effect sensor and fit this to the early engine). We can supply a cam sensor and mounting kit for the Gen 1 engine CM-BUSA-SENSOR-02K.

Water Temperature Sensor – Not supplied with the harness.
We have standardised the water temperature sensor for the Hayabusa installation. The original Suzuki component is very expensive, this sensor has the same calibration as the original Suzuki sensor, but less than a quarter of the price. This sensor has always been used by Radical as their standard sensor. Please check your engine to see if or what sensor you have fitted. Part number: WTS1


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