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Lamdba Wide Band Sensor 4.9 spec – for MBE9A9/9A6 ECUs


2011 Wide band lambda sensor with 850mm lead, it is currently the most accurate & toughest sensor produced by Bosch to cope with harsh environment & is a significant improvement over previous versions. Suitable for use only with MBE9A9/9A6 ECUs, which have built in wide band lambda control.

You would then be able to program the ECU by using a self-learning mode. Lambda targets can be set within the ECU according to speed & load to suit your engine.

Normally all 9A9s & 9A6s supplied by SBD are pre-programmed to run this sensor, if supplied by another company, you will need to consult with them as the calibration may need set up.

Please note that lambda control should only be used as either a tuning aid or for emissions, it cannot fix an engine that has not been mapped correctly, it is only there to trim or monitor the engine’s emissions to ensure they remain within original programmed limits.

You will require a lambda plug and boss for your exhaust manifold.

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