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2.0L XE SBD Dry Sump Kit with 3-stage Pump

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Instruction Sheets: 2L XE Dry Sump Kit OS-DSK-VX2-US1 Instructions
Instruction Sheets: 2-0L XE SBD Dry Sump System Connections
Instruction Sheets: 2-0L XE Crank seals Fitting Instructions
Instruction Sheets: Dry Sump System Oil Level Information re SBD Dry Sump Tanks
Instruction Sheets: Dry Sump vs Wet Sump


2.0L XE SBD Dry sump kit with 3-stage pump for exhaust side


The specification of the entire kit has been considerably upgraded over the original design, since being brought back in house to SBD.

The ultra-low line sump has fins to protect flywheel that can be reduced if small flywheel is used, this sump also has a mount at the front for fixing an external crank speed sensor. All our ultra-low line sumps have lugs fitted to the front of the sump castings to allow fitment into sport cars & single seaters.

The 3-stage pump is now made from billet and oil pressure relief valve system has been significantly improved and tested on our 2.0L XE development engine, it gives better control with a smoother pressure delivery.

What you get in your kit:
Every system contains:
 · Three stage pump with pulley
 · Mounting brackets with shim kit for pump adjustment
 · CNC Billet front cover
 · Sump pan with filters  & built-in windage plate
 · Hoses from sump to pump
 · Drive belt & crank mounted drive pulley
 · Fitting kit including all bolts & washers

*Note: The mounting bracket allows the dry sump pump to be mounted on the exhaust side of the 2.0L. The new front cover is designed to replace the original oil pump.

Parts needed to finish fitting the dry sump kit to the engine:
Front crank seal
Silicone sealant

The only other additions you will need to add to your dry sump kit is an oil tank, hoses to and from the engine and a remote oil filter head. These are dependent on your installation.

Please download the dry sump instructions at the top of the page for more information.

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