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Dry Sump Tank, 380mm tall, 165mm diameter


Dry sump tank 6.5″ (165mm) x 15″ (380mm), allow 15.75″ (400mm) for breathers, comes with -12 male ends. Capacity – approx 5L. This tank is specially produced for car that have a limited amount of height available and cannot fit our normal 5″ tank. No Base Plate. Fully splitable washable tank with built in baffles.
Requires 2 x OS-DS-TK-C-M22-12JIC
Mounting Suggestion:
We have found the best way to mount all dry sump tanks is to either use or make some kind of cup for the base of the tank that has some kind of foam insulation or silicon and mount the cup to the chassis. Then sit the tank into it or make some simple brackets that locate the tank in 3 or 4 places around the edge of the base of the tank. These are again covered in a rubber or foam solution, then a foam pad fitted to the underside of the tank. We then use a large jubilee clip or something similar as high up as possible on the tank, which we cover with a heat shrink sleeving and then mount brackets onto the jubilee clip which are fitted to the chassis in one or two places.
For use of any car engine.
OS-DS-TK-6.5-12 Internal view
OS-DS-TK-6.5-12 Dimensions

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