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Colvern Throttle Position Sensor


A motorsport specification throttle position sensor (TPS). Supplied with fitting screws, clamp and cover plate (vital for durability).
Fitted with an AMP econoseal connector, this connector is not used on any SBD wiring harnesses (please PT1-SS) but it is used on other manufacturers harnesses.
Recommended torque on mounting bolts is 1Nm.

Advantages & Disadvantages of track & hall effect throttle position sensors
Care should be taken when selecting a sensor type to use because there are advantages and disadvantages with both types of sensor.
Hall Effect sensors have a small processor and although the sensors are contactless so there is no track to wear out, it can be affected by strong magnetic fields or large electronic pulses, which can cause the sensors to reboot. If the processor does fail, there will be no output from the sensor at all.
Contact position sensors have a track that wears out over time and with age will become less efficient, but the user will see the efficiency degrade when checking, very rarely do they fail completely and will allow the user in most applications to continue running until the sensor is replaced.

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