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Oil Temp Sensor Add-in Adaptor Lead to suit MBE9A4/9A8


The add-in oil temp wiring adaptor for the oil temp sensor is specially made for the 9A4 & 9A8 with the correct resistor for use with our oil temp sensor OTS1. It is 2m long and includes a splice kit.
This adapter is not suitable for 9A9 or 9A6 ECUs, please see note below*.
All our programmable input pins for the 9A4 & 9A8 ECUs have a 100k pull up resistors to 5v.This is so they can be used for different types of sensors. When using a thermistor, a 1k pull up is required.
*If using a 9A9/9A6 ECU, these ECUs have a range of programmable pins with different resistor circuits and the appropriate circuit should be selected by your engine programmer/wiring harness manufacturer.

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