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Blyton Park Outer – 19th May 2019

Steve: 7th in Top12 – 56.62s

Matt: 6th in Top12, 1st in Class – 56.57s

Carole: 2nd in Class – 67.77s

Zoe: 5th in Class – 70.17s (Nat B)

Steve: On Saturday evening, we persuaded Alan Mugglestone to give a walk of the Outer Circuit with driver tips, we learnt a lot of new things and had been getting every corner wrong on the circuit. Unfortunately, this was a lot to take in and remember, then put into place for the Sunday meeting. So again on our single practice, Matt went first, put a steady time in and said there wasn’t a lot of grip. Steve went out, keeping this information in mind and trying to put everything Alan had said into play. Steve thought there was far more grip than Alan had suggested and managed to put in a reasonable time. They were both in the same second. On T1, Steve went first, made quite a few mistakes, got a reasonable time but nothing special, Matt going second got a good run to lead the class and was a couple of seconds up on Steve. On the second timed run, Matt didn’t go any faster but his 1st timed run was sufficient to win the class, Steve managed to put a lot more of what Alan had taught him into play and for the first time felt that he was getting somewhere on the Outer Circuit and put in a time that was only 2/10th behind Matt. He finished 2nd in Class. Nick was close 3rd making it very tight in the 2L class. Come to the Top12 Steve strung everything together from what he had done in his second timed run and put in a fantastic run until braking at the last corner, which he didn’t make! When asking Alan later what he had done wrong, Alan said ‘it looked fantastic, incredible commitment but braked 2 car lengths later than you should have done!’ Matt put a reasonable run in but wasn’t happy, felt it was quite messy and didn’t go any faster than his qualifying time. Steve obviously had to get a time in for his 2nd Top12 run to score points and managed to do a quick but steady run, not wanting to crash and was within 1/10th of his qualifying time. On Matt’s final Top12 run, he got a good start but when he got to the first corner and air valve failed, which prevented him from changing down the gearbox. This was a real shame, but we worked out that the valve had been fitted to this car since 2014 and the previous car for a full year as well so it will now be replaced on a bi-annual basis.

Carole: Sunday morning Steve, Zoe and I walked the circuit again and discussed the circuit techniques again to refresh everything we were going to try and put into practice on the runs. The first practice and timed runs went well and I could definitely feel the speed on entry and exits on the track we had learnt, were showing in my times coming down and giving me a PB for my 1st timed run. During the 2nd timed run the red flag came out and I had a re-run. My tyres were nice and hot and the entire run felt good with increased speed and I was really pleased to see I had done another personal best knocking off 5 seconds giving me my 2nd PB time of the day. It was a great weekend of racing.

Zoe: New course the second day of Blyton but managed to knock 8seconds off my time from practice to T3. Sector 3 on my T3 is much slower than the previous due to a little wobble but it was my fastest time of the day so clearly didn’t affect anything too much! Looking forward to head back to Pembrey in 2 weeks time.