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Lydden All Day Sprint

The SBD 2.0L XE Dallara will be competing, driven by Steve & Matt.

Carole will be competing in her Hayabusa powered SBD OMS CF08.

Steve, FTD – 67.00s YouTube Video
Matt, 2nd Overall – 67.07s
Carole, 6th Overall – 73.22s

The event at Lydden went extremely well, fortunately it was a really hot day which warmed the very old Pirellis, which gave us the chance to properly test John Hughes’ new floor design. Both Steve and Matt could instantly feel a difference, the aero balance was far more consistent and definitely biased to the rear to match the weight balance of the car. It was the first time that we both said that we could apply full throttle at the apex which we had never been able to do before, even on new tyres. Lydden has quite an old surface and uneven gradients, which was ideal for testing set up changes. The way the car was now working, the car was now producing high speed understeer so we made aero changes for each run and mechanical changes on separate runs to test the changes. We made a significant number of changes throughout the day and although the times, particularly for Steve were pretty consistent apart from one run. The slowest lap only varied by 0.15s but within each of these runs, we could feel the changes in the characteristics of the car. After the event, we compiled the data and set the car up on the Sunday ready for the next British rounds at Blyton Park on the 25th & 26th September. We have ordered a new set of tyres since the current set have done over 140 heat cycles and are over 3 years old.

We made a list of small changes to do at the event because the new tyres will definitely react differently and the circuit is significantly different to Lydden. Extremely pleased with the result and the feedback we have given to John Hughes will allow him to move forwards with the aero design, which he is working on currently, which should potentially double to overall downforce. He is working on the drag in order to minimise its effect. These will be ready to test after the season is over, ready for 2022.

Steve at Lydden, Sept 2021

Matt at Lydden, Sept 2021

Carole at Lydden, Sept 2021

All pictures: Kim Broughton