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Snetterton Sprint

Steve & Matt were competing in the SBD 2.0L XE Dallara

Carole was competing in her Hayabusa powered SBD OMS CF08

Matt: FTD – 77.40s
Steve: 2nd Overall – 77.42s
Carole: PB 89.48s

The car was much the same as it was at Goodwood. We had increased the wing settings due to the lower speeds and Steve had been complaining a lot that the rear of the car had been very loose, so he shallowed the rake by increasing the front ride height. We couldn’t lower the back because the new aero was pushing it into the ground at high downforce. Matt was worried the car would understeer because he always suffers with that.

Matt went first as usual and said the track felt very slippery. On Steve’s practice, it felt ok but then he caught another car on circuit before he even finished half a lap, so came back in again and got another run. On the second go, the car felt terrible at the rear but the front end seemed to have good grip, so Steve decided to raise the front end of the car even further. It was also decided to change the rear tyres and put on the 2021 rears. Then on the 1st timed run, where Steve drove first, there was a few minor issues so he didn’t get a good run, but said to Matt who was going second, that the car had significantly more grip. When Matt came in from his run, he said he couldn’t believe the transformation of the car and posted a 77.40s, which was almost a whole second inside the British Sprint record.

On the 2nd timed runs, Matt went first and posted a slightly slower time, but Steve managed to get a good clean run and posted a 77.42s, only 2/100th behind Matt’s record breaking time. The 3rd timed run had clouded over slightly and the temperature had dropped, both Steve and Matt had slightly scruffy runs and were slightly slower than previously. Come the 4th timed run, it was all to play for with everybody else seemingly quite a way behind them so they were battling each other. Both of them made good quick runs, unfortunately each of them making tiny mistakes and when the clock stopped, they had produced identical times at 77.51s! Matt took FTD on his 1st timed run, so it was a good fun day and we were finished early. We are looking forward to coming back to BARC event next year.