Well done to Matt Hillam winning the British Sprint Championship 2022

We have been running the SBD Dallara since 2013 and it has been a slow evolution over time to improve the performance of the car. With everything in life, sometimes you get things right and sometimes wrong and there is always an element of luck and some days it is with you and some days, not. Finally in 2022, the culmination of all work came together and the car was finally the leader of the 2.0L class and also faster than the classes above it on many occasions. This allowed Matt Hillam to win the British Sprint Championship and the Sprint Leaders Championship. It was a very close run championship, where almost anybody in the top few cars could have won, Matt managed to piece together some perfect runs, where others including Steve, his co-driver, would make small mistakes or have issues.

Not one single part of the car on it own would make it work as well as it does, it is the care and attention to detail of all the people and companies that have provided their services and help to us since we first started running the car and because of this we would like to thank as many as we can remember and we would like to recommend any of these to help support you in motorsport endeavours. We have listed them in alphabetical order. All of this has been built on the work we have done and the help of others.

Kim Broughton for towing and logistics
Carole Torkington for support and arranging entries with all the clubs
Obviously, these aren’t in alphabetical order but they have to come first!
Ark Racing Limited – Nick Beere
Fibre-lyte – John Hansell and Stephen Walton
GWR Motorsport – Steve Hurst
John Hughes – Aerodynamics
KP Components – Steve Kilminster
MBE System – Chris Price
Mark Bailey Racing – Mark Bailey
Pirelli Tyres – Triple M Motorsport UK
Saenz Performance
Titan Ltd
Toby Phillips
Triple M Motorsport UK – Alan, Angie and Nick Mugglestone
TTV Racing Components – Ben Crisp
WOSP – WOSPerformance – Luke
Wrap Cube
And anyone else we may have forgotten!