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Speedscene, May/June 2020 – If cars could talk

Speedscene, May/June 2020 IF CARS COULD TALK – NEWS FROM THE GARAGE As the SBD Dallara, I am always having bits changed on me, both my bodywork and the engine, Steve is always developing something new! Last winter I spent a lot of time away from SBD having a nice holiday, firstly at University of […]

Pacenotes, September 2019 – Developing more power!

Pacenotes, September 2019 Developing more power! SBD has been developing the 1.6L Ford EcoBoost engine over the past few years for all forms of motorsport including circuit racing, sprinting, hillclimbing and more recently, rallying… As soon as the company started work on the engine, they discovered how good it was. Even in standard form, it […]

Westfield World, Autumn 2019 – SBD

Westfield World, Autumn 2019 – SBD, Speed Series Sponsor Profile Steve Broughton began his working life as an engineering apprentice at British Aerospace, then was involved in the motor trade, picking up numerous skills along the way. He rallied a Chevette as a hobby in his early 20s and as the area of the motor […]

Retro Ford, February 2019 – Escort Mk2, Connaught 2.3L Warrior

Retro Ford, February 2019 (NOT SO) PEACEFUL WARRIOR ORIGINALLY DESTINED FOR DIRTY BOY RACING ON THE SHORT OVAL, TONY PAXMAN’S SPA-SMASHING MK2 ESCORT HAS COME A LONG WAY Words: Ben Morley, Pics: Bob Button   If a Mk2 Escort is good at anything, it’s being good at anything. The humble 70’s saloon is actually fairly […]

Autosport International Shows

Autosport International Show 2018 Our stand this year featured BigSkidzRacing 1.6L EcoBoost powered Fiesta racing car. In addition we had brought our 2.0L XE, 2.0L Duratec, 1.6L EcoBoost and Hayabusa display engines. Both the 2.0L XE & 2.0L Duratec were showing the working EGAS system and MBE9MD display. The 1.6L EcoBoost had the latest developmental […]

Speedscene, August/September 2017 – Trevor Willis

Speedscene, August/September 2017 Introducing Trevor Willis. The 2012 British Hillclimb champion, who has also won six Midland Championship Top Ten Challenge titles, had a commanding lead in this year’s British series at the time this interview took place at Wiscombe Park in July.  He’s 54 years old, single, lives at Menith Wood, close to Shelsley […]

Speedscene, Aug/Sept 2017 – SBD 1.6L EcoBoost

Speedscene, August/September 2017 The SBD 1.6 Ford EcoBoost The 1.6L Ford EcoBoost engine is derived from the Sigma series, which was used in the Focus, Fiesta and Puma cars. It is a direct injection (DI) engine, meaning that the fuel injector is mounted directly overhead, right inside the combustion chamber. As with all DI engines, […]

Westfield World, Summer 2017 – Westfield 2.0L XE

Westfield World, Summer 2017 The Legend of the Vauxhall C20XE By Craig Moffat   The legend of the C20XE can still hold its own today against modern engines.  When I bought my unfinished Westfield SEi Widebody project from a neighbour in 2010 it came with a C20XE engine that he had sourced for the car.  […]

Classic Ford, April 2017 – 1.6L EcoBoost

Classic Ford, April 2017 – 1.6L EcoBoost Ford’s current 1600 turbo has a potential for power that hasn’t been fully realised yet – but it will be massive when it is.  We find out more with the help of SBD. Words and Photos Jon Hill   Once you start something you just can’t stop. We’ve […]