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Pressure Sensor 5V 0.5 to 4.5v Out (0-10 Bar)


We have upgraded our oil and fuel pressure sensor to a higher specification version. The internal design has an extremely robust construction using technology, that is only normally seen in Formula 1. This pressure sensor is a linear sensor, which is extremely accurate outputting 0.5v(0.0PSI/0.0Bar) to 4.5v(147PSI/10.0Bar). The latest versions are very compact & due to their linear output very easy to set up, they have a -3JIC thread. We use them all the time in our systems for both oil & fuel.

We can supply an adaptor harness LM-ADP-PR-SEN-P5/P6 to allow you to fit the pressure sensor directly to any of our MBE ECUs.

PR-SEN-P5 pressure sensor with dimensions

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